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Compose a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor are one of the easiest and most effective ways to speak up for animals. One letter in a newspaper can reach many thousands of people. Letters to the editor are very well read, and when more letters on animal issues are sent, the number of articles published on these topics increases.

Use this page to quickly send a letter to the editor of any major Australian paper. To increase the chances that your letter will be published, follow these simple guidelines (click each item for details):

Keep it brief (no more than 250 words)

To increase the likelihood that your letter will be read, keep it brief and to the point. Many papers recommend that letters be no longer than 250 words. To help keep your words down, make sure you keep on-topic!

Try to connect your letter to a recent article

If you can, try to find an article or ad published recently in the paper you're writing to that relates the topic you're writing about. If you find a relevant article, be sure to mention it in by name and date within the first sentence of your letter. If you can't find a relevant article, don't worry, it's still worth sending your letter!

Don’t send the same letter to more than one paper

Papers like to publish original letters, and it's therefore very unlikely your letter will be published if it's identified as a mass mail sent to many publications. If you want to write to multiple papers, customise your letter for each.

More tips...

Make sure you check your spelling and grammar!

Don't make assumptions about what readers are likely to know; be specific in your language, and introduce facts that readers may be unaware of, for example:

Exporting live Australian sheep to the Middle East — where they may have their legs tied and be shoved into car boots in 40° heat — is inexcusable.

is better than:

Exporting sheep to the Middle east is cruel.

Do your best to be polite, and avoid derogatory language and name-calling.

Step 1: Select a publication

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Step 2: Compose your letter


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Step 3: Provide your details

Some papers like to confirm authorship before publishing letters. Please provide your contact details including location and phone number, which will automatically be included under your letter.

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Step 4: Preview & send

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