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Contact your Federal MP

Animals can't vote, and therefore their interests aren't well represented by governments. It's up to every caring Australian who is concerned about animal welfare to make their voice heard. Your federal member of parliament is your representative in federal government, and it is their duty to consider the feedback of all their constituents. Use this simple lookup tool to find the contact details of your local federal MP.

Locate your MP by entering your state and suburb below:



Tips for writing to your federal MP:

  1. Keep your letter brief and polite.
  2. Use facts to back up your arguments. Visit our issues page to learn more about animal welfare issues affecting animals in Australia.
  3. Personalised letters, noting your own perspective on an issue (i.e. "As a mother...", "As a teacher...", "As someone whose family has lived in your electorate for generations...") are always effective.
  4. Include your full name, address at the bottom of your e-mail if you would like a response by mail.



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