Animals Australia Action Network
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What is the Animals Australia Action Network?

Animals Australia Action Network offers the opportunity to join an active group of dedicated, likeminded people, working together to make real change for animals. The network is coordinated by the Animals Australia Team Leader who sends out informative alerts to members, while also offering pro-active guidance and advice. We use this website (in conjunction with email) to centralise our communication, which enables us to respond immediately to campaign developments, and also helps to keep costs down.

As a member of the Action Network you can choose your own level of involvement. From letter writing to keep animal issues in the press and on the minds of decision makers, to assisting in public awareness initiatives, collecting petition signatures, through to fundraising, campaigning and national days of action. There is something that everyone can do to help animals.

Who should join the Action Network?

We are looking for people who care about animals, and who want to see them protected from harm. If you want to help us improve the lives of the millions of animals incarcerated in cruel factory farms across Australia, to help put an end to the indefensible live export trade, or to tell the powers that be that animals and their welfare matter—then we want to hear from you!

Currently we are primarily looking for people who are based in Australia. However, international guests are still welcome to join.

How can I join?

Joining the network is easy! Click here to fill out the registration form.

Thank you for wanting to do more to help animals. Together we can create a kinder world for all animals.

Do you want to join others to create a brighter future for animals? Click here to sign up!


ACN 617 080 387

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