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This Christmas…

… please give.

… please give.

For the gentle battery hen, who will never flap her wings or walk in the sunshine. For the grieving mother pig, who’ll fall asleep tonight only to again wake up alone in the confines of a steel cage. For the terrified young dairy calf, who calls for his mum from inside a slaughterhouse…

Not everyone is celebrating this festive season. But you can be their reason for hope.

For so many animals, suffering is all they’ll ever know. Animals who are just as smart and sensitive as our pet dogs and cats, but who are denied the most basic of protection, valued only for what they produce, not who they are.

Your support this Christmas can give a life — worth living. It can give freedom from suffering, and goodwill … to all. This Christmas, please give generously.

YES! I want to protect animals by supporting Animals Australia's critical investigations, exposés and campaigns to end animal suffering.

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  • $25 could help fuel ongoing work to expose cruelty
  • $50 could support life-saving campaigns for animals
  • $100 could strengthen the work of Animals Australia's investigations unit

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one-time gift monthly gift
$25 $50 $100 Other
$50 per month could support life-saving campaigns for animals

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