Frightened Australian animals will soon be 'sacrificed' by the thousands in countries as diverse as the UAE, Gaza, Egypt, and Mauritius. It is said that during the 'Festival of Sacrifice', streets literally run red with blood. For the live export industry, it is a time of greatest profit-making. For animals, it is a time of the greatest suffering.

When we were not there, terrified animals were 'knee-capped' with rifles; kicked; stomped on; and repeatedly stabbed ... When the industry didn't think it was being 'watched', illegal cruelty was extensive; and animal suffering extreme. Without us — the animals have no-one. Help us hold this brutal industry to account. Please give urgently today to put as many investigators on the ground as possible during this peak time of animal suffering.

how your donation helps:
$10 could buy lunch for an investigator on the ground
$30 could purchase one international SIM card
$65 could hire a car for an investigator for one day
$200 could pay an interpreter for one day
$450 could equip an investigator with a high-definition hand-held camera
$600 could fund a local reconnaissance mission to previously unvisited livestock markets
$1,200 could purchase covert camera equipment
$2,000 could pay for return flights for one investigator
$6,000 could cover the cost of a satellite mapping service subscription for 1 year
$10,000 could fund an entire large-scale investigation in one country with multiple investigators on the ground
YES, I'd like to help put investigators on the ground to protect animals and hold live export companies to account for cruelty with an urgent donation of:

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Where the funds go

  • Send an experienced investigator to where animals need them most
  • Cover specialised investigation equipment and expenses including flights, car hire, and other needs
  • Document and provide evidence to international NGOs to assist with the world-wide efforts to end live export cruelty from all countries

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