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Some of the most touching love stories in the animal kingdom are those that exist between a mother and her young. A mother pig will carefully build a nest for her piglets and sing to them, a mother hen will lovingly cluck to her unhatched eggs and a mother cow can form an unshakeable bond with her newborn calf in a matter of minutes.

Please help ensure that all animals are able to express love and affection this Valentine's Day by supporting our work to free them from cruelty.

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Because ALL ANIMALS deserve love...

Anyone who has shared a bond with an animal will know of the unconditional love they have in unlimited amounts! Sadly, millions of animals who are trapped in Australian factory farms — who are every bit as sensitive and social as cats and dogs — are starved of this same love and affection every day.

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You can extend some love to these animals this Valentine's Day!

All animals should know the love of their mother. Animals Australia campaigns tirelessly to end factory farming, and to free animals from the cruelty of sow stalls, battery cages, and having their babies taken from them.

Support our public awareness and investigations fund today, and receive a beautifully designed Valentine's Day donation certificate in your loved one's name, ready to print or e-mail!

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