Help us save Aussie sheep from a fate worse than death.

YES, I want to help end live export cruelty by supporting critical investigations to expose and end the suffering of animals in Australia’s live export trade.

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$34 per month could help place an investigator in a live export market where animals need them most

They tied her legs, dragged her through the streets, and led her to a filthy makeshift ‘slaughter room’...

This is the fate of one gentle Aussie sheep sold into live export. Our undercover investigator found her in Kuwait, gasping in her own blood, while she tried desperately to stand up after her throat was cut inside an illegal ‘slaughter room’.

Like countless other animal victims before her, she shouldn’t have even been there. But some live export companies are deliberately breaking Australian laws — and animals like her are suffering the consequences.

The Animals Australia Investigations Unit is the only thing standing between live exporters and their ability to continue abusing laws — and animals — without scrutiny. An urgent gift today can keep investigators in the field and help bring these criminals to justice.

  • $29 could assist lobbying efforts to compel politicians to support a phase out of live export
  • $34 could help place an investigator in a live export market where animals need them most
  • $52 could help sustain public awareness initiatives declaring live export to be a ‘crime against animals’

You can help free animals from the horrors of live export.

Animals Australia’s groundbreaking investigations in Egypt, Indonesia and other countries have awakened millions to the truth about live animal export. Our work has forced a much-needed regulatory regime and has paved the way for landmark cruelty prosecutions.

The threat of Animals Australia investigators in the field remains the single greatest motivator for uncaring live exporters to not abandon animals to extreme acts of cruelty.

But while live export continues, animals remain at risk. That’s why we are also investing in major initiatives to compel politicians to recognise live export as a ‘crime against animals’ — and end the trade once and for all.

Your kind support can help place investigators where animals need them most, and speed the day when no animal is subjected to the horror of live export.

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Why donate to Animals Australia?

Standout Charity

Animals Australia has been recognised by Animal Charity Evaluators as one of the 12 most effective animal charities in the world — and is the first and only Australian organisation to be selected as a “standout charity” on the world stage. Learn more »

Program strategy

As an Animals Australia donor, you are supporting life-saving work that strategically targets areas where animals are in the greatest need. You are underpinning investigations that have led to cruelty exposés on Four Corners, ABC 7.30 and 60 Minutes. And you share in the successes of cutting edge campaigns recognised the world over...

What’s more, you are part of a growing community of caring people who are driving real and lasting change for animals in Australia and beyond.

Animals Australia donors have underpinned critical milestones for animals including:

  • Live export investigations in Egypt, Indonesia and other countries which have led to sweeping changes throughout the live export trade.
  • The exposure of horrific widespread live baiting cruelty in the Australian greyhound racing industry.
  • Innovative campaigns that led to McDonald’s, Subway and major supermarkets phasing out cage eggs.

This is just the beginning. With your support, we can achieve even more for animals in need.

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