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We’re gearing up for the fight of their lives. It’s time to take legal action.

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If you trapped a dog in a hot car, you could be prosecuted for cruelty. But when the live sheep trade traps thousands of sheep in hot ships, it’s just ‘business’. For decades this industry has crushed, starved, and literally cooked animals alive. No animal deserves this.


We believe that if existing Australian laws were properly applied, sheep would not be setting foot on live export ships. But our system is failing. Ships keep sailing. And animals keep suffering.

So, as a matter of urgency, we’re taking the Department of Agriculture to the Federal Court. Because we believe sending shiploads of animals into the northern summer — where sheep are known to literally bake in their own skin — isn’t just cruel, it’s unlawful.

But if we’re going to make this work, we need you with us.

If you’re as tired as we are of government inaction, of the excuses, and the never-ending suffering — then you’ll understand why we are taking this unprecedented step.

With your support, we’ve already succeeded in publicly exposing the horrifying truth of this trade — again, and again. We’ve brought this trade to a political tipping point.

Now it’s time to do something we’ve never done before.

Here’s what it’s going to take:

In a word, relentlessness.

We need to lay bare the facts in a place that’s free from industry influence and politics: a courtroom with an independent Judge.

To do this, we’ve engaged a fiercely committed legal team. Court documents have been served on the Federal Government’s Department of Agriculture, and the prolific live exporter, Emanuel Exports. Soon, we will be presenting our case to the Federal Court in Melbourne.

This will be a day the live export industry will dread.

The battle ahead might not be quick. And it won’t be easy. But we’ve never been more ready.

While our legal team is defending animals in court, our campaign team will be working around the clock to fight live export industry propaganda — in the media, online, on TV, and in the halls of Parliament.

We are giving this our all. And we need you alongside us.

Legal cases aren’t cheap. We’re taking on the government and a rich live export company. Our opponents have deep pockets. We wouldn’t be taking this leap if we didn’t know it is what’s needed to achieve justice. Nor would we be marching into the Federal Court for the victims of live export if we didn’t know that these animals also have you at their sides.

But what lies ahead is so much more than a court case. This is a marathon. And we will use every avenue — legal action, strategic campaigning, political lobbying, and the media — to see this through.

We know this industry won’t go down without a fight. But we won’t shy away.

Because your determination fuels us. Your support humbles us. And in return, we solemnly promise that by pledging a monthly gift today, you will be laying a foundation upon which we will end Australia’s cruellest trade.

Together, we will save gentle beings from the horrors of live export.

Our plan is set. The wheels are in motion. All we’re missing is you.

Are you in?

Sheep on live animal export ships Sheep on live animal export ships Sheep on live animal export ships Sheep on live animal export ships Sheep on live animal export ships
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He is the reason we’re going to
end live export.


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His heart is racing. He’s gasping for oxygen. There’s no escape. He is terrified. scroll

This is what it means to be cooked alive, from the inside out. scroll

This is the scene that has unfolded on live export ships, every year, for decades. scroll

But he is much more than just another ‘mortality statistic’. scroll

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We’ve never been closer to the day when gentle animals like him are finally free from the cruelty of live export. Your generosity will save animals from abuse — and bring that day ever closer.

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