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Australian Sheep

Australia exports millions of animals to the Middle East, where there are no animal welfare laws. In importing countries animals face brutal handling and slaughter whilst fully conscious. Animals Australia has conducted five groundbreaking investigations in the Middle East which have revealed the routine cruel treatment faced by Australian animals in the region.

Animals Australia's dedicated work has led to nation-wide media coverage on 60 Minutes, Today Tonight, 4 Corners, Landline and the 7.30 Report. As a direct result of evidence documented by Animals Australia's investigators, a brutal abattoir and cruel livestock market in Jordan have been closed; the live trade to Egypt was suspended saving tens of thousands of animals from unnecessary suffering; barbaric slaughter practices were exposed and made headlines in Egypt for the first time, forcing the building of a new internationally funded and managed abattoir in Egypt which will significantly reduce animal suffering in that country. Evidence documented by our investigators has also supported Middle Eastern advocates' calls for much needed animal protection laws to be passed in the region.

But while Austraila's live export industry continues to profit from this trade in misery there is still much work to be done. Please give generously to assist us to continue our vital campaign and end the cruelty of live animal export.

We can't do it without you.

Thank you for making a kinder world for animals.

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Your help is needed to end the cruelty of live export.

Animals Australia's award winning campaign to end live animal export is gaining momentum and your kind contribution will help to ensure that we can sustain the pressure needed to end this indefensible trade.

Please assist with an urgent donation which will go directly to funding Animals Australia’s next investigation. Together we can end live exports and create a kinder world for all animals.

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