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Above: In factory farms, mother sows like this one are confined to barren metal cages little bigger than the size of their own bodies. Day after day she is forced to stand on a hard cement floor—not even afforded the space to turn around or lie down properly. She will watch on helplessly as her piglets have their teeth clipped and their tails cut off without pain relief. This cruelty has been allowed to continue because animal industries have worked hard to keep the cruelty of factory farming from the eyes of the public.

Animals Australia intelligently lobbies government and has reached thousands of caring consumers with its high profile campaign—but your help is needed to ensure our message is sent further and wider, so that factory farming can no longer operate under a veil of secrecy.

Thank you for making a kinder world for animals.

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Your help is needed to end the cruelty of factory farming.

Animals Australia is working tirelessly to expose the cruelty of factory farming through public awareness campaigns, and by encouraging compassionate lifestyle choices—but how effective we can be depends on you.

Please assist with an urgent donation which will go directly to funding Animals Australia’s next investigation. Together we can end live exports and create a kinder world for all animals.

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