When fear and terror are worse than death itself

YES, I want to help end animal abuse by supporting Animals Australia's live export investigations.

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$75 per month could boost our investigations unit's ability to monitor danger zones for animals

He cowers to the ground — trying to make himself ‘invisible’ to the slaughterman as a sledgehammer rises above his head. He knows he’s defeated. He closes his eyes.

This young steer was sledgehammered to death. He watched others before him suffer the same, brutal fate. His panic and desperation showed us that he knew exactly what was about to happen to him. Animals Australia investigators risked their lives to gather critical evidence of live export abuses and corruption in Vietnam, so those responsible can be held to account.

Animals Australia are the only ones keeping watch over the victims of this industry. But we can’t do it without your support. Help us end live export.

  • $50 could assist lobbying efforts to compel politicians to support a phase out of live export
  • $75 could boost our investigations unit's ability to monitor danger zones for animals
  • $150 could help equip investigators with state of the art covert equipment

We need your help to end it. A monthly gift can help us stop their suffering.

Animals Australia’s ground-breaking investigations in Egypt, Indonesia and throughout the Middle East have awakened millions to the truth about live export. Our work has forced regulations on the industry and put live export cruelty on the political agenda.

But our undercover investigators in the field remain the only ‘watchdogs’ of this industry. We have continued to expose cruel exporters and a government that fails to prosecute them.

While the live export industry continues, animals will remain at risk. With your help, we will go where no one else will to expose this cruelty and be a voice for the animals suffering at the hands of this brutal trade.

Your kind support can help place our investigators where animals need them most, and bring us ever closer to the day when no animal is subjected to the horror of live export. 

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Why donate to Animals Australia?

Standout Charity

Animals Australia has been recognised by Animal Charity Evaluators as one of the 12 most effective animal charities in the world — and is the first and only Australian organisation to be selected as a “standout charity” on the world stage. Learn more »

Program strategy

As an Animals Australia donor, you are supporting life-saving work that strategically targets areas where animals are in the greatest need. You are underpinning investigations that have led to cruelty exposés on Four Corners, ABC 7.30 and 60 Minutes. And you share in the successes of cutting edge campaigns recognised the world over...

What’s more, you are part of a growing community of caring people who are driving real and lasting change for animals in Australia and beyond.

Animals Australia donors have underpinned critical milestones for animals including:

  • Live export investigations in Egypt, Indonesia and other countries which have led to sweeping changes throughout the live export trade.
  • The exposure of horrific widespread live baiting cruelty in the Australian greyhound racing industry.
  • Innovative campaigns that led to McDonald’s, Subway and major supermarkets phasing out cage eggs.

This is just the beginning. With your support, we can achieve even more for animals in need.

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