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Help animals
during COVID-19

For many animals, Coronavirus will impact their lives, too. So we are working with our colleagues here and around the world to ensure that they aren’t forgotten in this global pandemic. Many face abandonment on the streets, and others used for tourism are now rendered ‘worthless’, as the global industry comes to a standstill. Your donation will fund emergency grants to ensure animals get the critical help they need.




Help us spread the word

Help animals
during COVID-19

Help us spread the word


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Funds raised for this appeal will be used to help animals affected by COVID-19. If donations raised exceed what is required, they will be allocated to support our ongoing work to protect animals.

Support the work that zeroes in on areas where animals need us most.

Animals Australia’s campaign work is steadily dismantling the cruellest farming practices. By leading the fight against battery cages, ‘surgery’ without pain relief, and cruel confinement, we’re helping to give millions of individual animals a life worth living.

Animals Australia’s groundbreaking live export investigations have exposed the abuse of animals sent to Indonesia, Egypt, Vietnam and beyond. Your support will save more animals from harrowing sea journeys and the horror of being butchered alive, stabbed, beaten, and sledgehammered.

Animals Australia’s innovative outreach programs are empowering individuals around the world to adopt kinder and more sustainable lifestyle choices. Your support will protect animals from cruelty in factory farms and slaughterhouses — and make our food system fairer.

Don’t take our word for it.

“It would be hard to find an animal organisation – anywhere – that would make better use of your donation.”

Shocking cruelty uncovered by Animals Australia investigators in VIC & NSW exposed widespread live baiting.

Animals Australia’s live export investigations have impacted the lives of millions of animals worldwide.

Sponsor an entire investigation.

A gift of $10,000 or more can fuel the game-changing work of our investigations unit.

Animals Australia

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