Live exported sheep suffering in Kuwait

One person

could stop this...

Animals Australia investigation, Kuwait City
Proposed billboard site, Sydney airport
Proposed billboard site, Sydney airport

Here’s how we’ll reach him.

This landmark billboard at Sydney airport is just the beginning. This election year, wherever the Prime Minister turns, we'll be there, on behalf of animals.

Because in live export one thing is certain: animals are either dying on ships, or in countries with no animal welfare laws. Their suffering is extreme — and so well hidden — it’s easy for decision-makers to turn a blind-eye to cruelty.

But with your help, we’ll bring this unforgettable sight straight to Malcolm Turnbull’s doorstep...

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We’ve hit a nerve. In 2015, livestock groups tried to pull down our billboards. But in 2016, thanks to your support, our campaign is only going to get bolder...

Let me see

In the capital

On every visit to Canberra, Prime Minister Turnbull will be shadowed by a fleet of taxis proclaiming live export as a “crime against animals”.

On the train

The Prime Minister is renowned for his train commute from Edgecliffe station. Here's the message that will greet him at the platform.

Moving billboards

We’re bringing back the ads the live export lobby fought hard to pull down. And we’re putting them in the Prime Minister’s electorate.

Picture an entire bus — wrapped

And then picture it circling Malcolm Turnbull's home city of Sydney. On that bus he’ll come face to face with unforgettable moments from Animals Australia investigations.

We can’t do this without you.

For every abused animal our investigators encounter, there are hundreds of people like you who stand against cruelty. Together we can send the biggest, boldest appeal for mercy on their behalf.

Here’s the impact of your donation: