FACT: 1 in 4 ducks shot on Victorian wetlands aren’t killed instantly. Instead they suffer fractured legs, shattered bills, splintered wings, pellets through their eyes and gunshot lodged in vital organs.

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Our native water birds are in strife. Conditions on Victoria’s wetlands are the worst on record. Birds are barely breeding ... we haven’t seen numbers this low in decades. Waterbirds are effectively in survival mode. Last time things were this bad, the wetlands were off limits to recreational shooters. So it defies belief that the Victorian government has ignored all of this evidence and announced a 2016 duck shooting season.

It’s not only the birds who are shot who will suffer, all animals seeking sanctuary on the wetlands will be traumatised and terrorised under the barrage of shot-gunfire.

The government says shooting native waterbirds is good for our economy. But new research shows that the net economic benefit of duck hunting to Victoria is close to zero. They say they have reduced the number of animals who can be killed this year. But some 200,000 birds could still be shot out of the sky in the name of ‘sport’. And 1 in 4 of those won’t be killed instantly — they will be injured and left to suffer prolonged and painful deaths. The government says hunting is popular. But less than 0.4% of Victorians participate, the vast majority of people in our community want native waterbirds protected.

In 2016, Animals Australia is joining our friends at the Coalition Against Duck Shooting in our boldest plan yet...

Here’s the plan:

In just days Victoria’s peaceful wetlands will erupt into a killing zone. We’re joining forces with our friends at the Coalition Against Duck Shooting, and their dedicated team of rescuers, and heading out to the wetlands.

Help us save as many lives as possible.