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give hens a voice that can't be ignored

With your help, we’ve already plastered newspaper ads and radio spots right across the country for battery hens. And it’s working. Nearly 100,000 people have spoken up against battery cage cruelty. Now, with just days remaining, we need to ramp up this campaign for animals with an urgent online ad blitz.

That's the last thing big cage-egg bosses want. And it's exactly what hens need.

Please donate today to help keep this message alive — and give every Australian the chance to make history for hens.

Background photography: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

YES, I want to help end cruelty and free hens from cages with a gift of:

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  • $10 could extend the reach of our digital advertising to give hens a strong voice
  • $50 could help get our message to free hens to the masses
  • $100 could support our ongoing public campaigning efforts to ban the battery cage

This donation is a:

one-time gift monthly gift
$10 $50 $100 Other
$50 could help get our message to free hens to the masses

Every dollar donated will help us ensure that the opportunity to end battery cage cruelty is heard right across the country.

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