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Right now, thousands of gentle sheep are on board a live export ship destined straight for the blistering heat and stifling humidity of the Middle East summer. This was never meant to happen in 2020. But the new regulations prohibiting these dangerous shipments have just failed their first test.

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I want to help!

I want to help!

I’ll help protect animals from live export cruelty with an urgent monthly gift.

I’ll help protect animals from live export cruelty with an urgent monthly gift.

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  • $35 can underpin our public campaigns
  • $50 can support our legal challenges
  • $120 can place investigators in the field

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$50 per month can support our legal challenges


Within days, the temperature on board the packed decks will rise to dangerous levels. Every one of these animals will suffer. Some won't survive. Those who do then face a terrifying and painful slaughter while fully conscious.

From legal challenges to investigations, with your help we will work every angle for every victim of the live export trade.

Because their lives are worth more than 'trade relations'. Their suffering is never justified by 'profit'. And because they aren't cargo — they are living, breathing, feeling beings who deserve our care and compassion.

If you agree, please support our urgent live export action appeal, so we can continue to be a voice for these animals wherever, and whenever they need us.

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The live export industry never wanted us to see the shocking conditions on board live export ships. It’s the very reason our work to protect these animals must continue.

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