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The last battery hen has been freed from her cage in the UK. But in Australia, our Government is refusing to act. Missy Higgins has teamed up with Animals Australia to give battery hens a voice. You can too by donating to get Missy’s timely ad on the radio, and making kind choices for hens. Sponsor an ad

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Donate to get Missy’s ad on the radio.

Hope for hens rests with informed consumers. Your kind donation can get Missy’s timely message heard by thousands of Australians — and bring hens one big step closer to a future free from battery cages.

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10 people giving $50 will buy one prime time radio ad.

5 people giving $100 will secure an ad in prime time on a popular FM station in a major capital city.

One gift of $350 will reach thousands of people with an evening ad on a major station.

$500 will sustain our campaign and secure at least one dedicated radio spot during prime-time on one of Australia’s largest commercial stations.

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