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All animals deserve kindness and a life
worth living. But for millions of animals
each year, this remains but a dream,
impacted by practices born in another era.
Your choices can change their world.
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Let's free
our thinking
This is our time on Planet Earth. Our time
to care, our time to create the world that
we want to see and we all want to live in.
See how you can make our
hero's dream come true.
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Laws do not
protect them
They live, they breathe, they feel, they befriend,
yet outdated laws and practices deny them a life
worth living and human kindness.
For them, it's lockdown for life, trapped by
generational thinking that sees them differently.
If we free our thinking, we change their world.
Not something.
Caring about some animals and not others, was never
your idea. Protecting some animals from cruelty and
not others was never your decision. We inherited a
world that decreed some animals friends and others
food, some animals worthy of kindness and not others.
But what if we were meant to care about them all?
For 40 years Animals Australia has sought to create
change for these animals. But governments prioritise
industry interests, and ignore the animal suffering
inherent to these systems.
By using your power as a consumer and making
the kindest choice, you can bring these animals
back into our circle of compassion.
It’s time to
free our thinking
We can’t change the past, but we can shape a
kinder future. Will we be the generations that opened
our hearts to these animals, who recognised that
there is a different, kinder choice on offer to us?
This can be our legacy. Together, we can create a
new way of thinking and living.
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Every plant-based meal reduces the demand for animal products that has underpinned these systems of suffering. What we eat is a powerful agent for change – for us, for our planet and for the animals – and will create the pathway to a kinder world for all.
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It’s easy and delicious.
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Help bring kindness to
animals who need it most.
Your questions answered
Many people are surprised to learn that laws do not protect farmed animals from
routine acts of cruelty. Discover what else you may not know and how you can help.
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