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Close the loophole on non-stun slaughter in Australia

Demand no animal suffers a conscious throat cut:

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Even in a 'best case scenario', without stunning sheep can remain aware of the pain caused by a throat cut for up to 20 seconds.

Should we allow sheep to be killed while fully conscious in Australia? Overwhelmingly, Australians would answer "NO" to this question. Yet, while this practice is illegal in Australia, a legal loophole is allowing some slaughterhouses in South Australia and Victoria to kill sheep without stunning for a small ritual slaughter market.

Please urgently help close the loophole that is allowing some Australian sheep abattoirs to kill fully conscious sheep for the ritual slaughter market.

With Islamic and Jewish leaders in Australia largely accepting the stunning of animals and the vast amount of 'halal accredited' meat produced in Australia coming from facilities that stun animals before slaughter, the suffering of sheep in ritual slaughter continues only to appease a very small minority.

State Ministers for Agriculture have met multiple times over several years to consider this issue. Yet they have still failed to make a decision on whether to close this loophole and spare sheep the pain and suffering of having their throat cut whilst fully conscious.

Please help send your Minister or relevant authority the message that Australians want them to stop delaying and make the compassionate decision to ensure no more sheep in Australia must endure slaughter without stunning.

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