Why spend the time to personalise your letter?

Because what YOU have to say matters! Just like each and every animal life matters. So, to make sure your voice is heard, take the time to put your message in your words. It will show the recipient that you really mean business, and are prepared to do more than just click a button — because the animals need you.

Here are 5 simple tips for writing a letter with impact!


Start things off on the right note by beginning your letter with a compliment, a shared interest, or an acknowledgement of the recipient's position or role. Keeping it friendly will do wonders! You know how when someone criticizes you, your hackles go up, and it can be hard to focus on anything else they're saying? The same thing applies here. If you open your letter with an attack, the person at the other end will immediately go on the defensive. Instead, be your most charming self!

e.g. "Dear Sir/Madam, I am a proud member of your electorate, and as my elected MP I feel it is your duty to uphold the values that make this state great, such as…"


This is all about giving yourself authority and expressing your unique personality! It will be a lot harder for the recipient to ignore you once they've got a sense of you as a person — so consider sharing an insight into your life experience. If you've got medical qualifications, flaunt them. If you're a small business owner, strut your stuff. If you volunteer at an animal sanctuary, share a heartwarming tale. If you're a teacher, give them a lesson they'll never forget.

Even if you don't think you have any special expertise, you are more important and powerful than you realise:

e.g. "As the mother of two young boys, the treatment of sows in factory farms — where mother pigs are kept in crates barely larger than their own bodies — deeply concerns me. No mum should ever be treated so cruelly…"


Let's be honest, most of us have short attention spans and a thousand and one demands on our time… hold on, the phone is ringing. Now there's someone at the door. What was it we were we talking about...?

The longer your letter, the easier it is for the recipient to get distracted. So keep it short and simple.


Many letters on behalf of the animals will be pleas for assistance or intervention: from encouraging our MP's to speak out against live animal export — to urging local councils to turn down applications for cruel new factory farms. Always remember to explain why you're writing, and make it very clear what you want done about it.


A simple way to amplify your impact for animals is by asking a specific question. This forces the recipient to actually engage with the issue and take the time to formulate a reply, instead of just sending you back a generic form letter.

If you do get a standard response back that doesn't answer your question – don't give up! Now you've got a great excuse to write back and ask again. And again, if need be. It's dedication like this that shows you really care — and it's caring people who are changing the world for animals, every day.

Got it!