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Did you know that your money might be being used to help prop up live export companies and factory farms?

Have you ever wondered where live export companies and factory farms get their money? It's not something most of us would ever think about! But, just like us, these companies need to do their daily banking with someone. And, just like us, they need to borrow from someone...

Caring people are horrified when they learn that their bank may be lending to, or investing in, industries that cause immense animal suffering.

Incredibly, nearly all of the major banks do not have a lending policy that rules out dealing with cruel animal industries like the live export trade and factory farms. So the reality for most of us is that our hard-earned dollars could be propping up businesses that do this to animals:

Millions of gentle sheep have suffered and died on-board live export ships of shame: literally cooking alive, being crushed, starved, or suffocating in the stinking build-up of their own waste.Animals who survive the live-export journey face a fate worse than death. They can be bound and stuffed into car boots, blinded, stabbed, and have their throats cut open while fully conscious.Mother pigs are kept trapped, for weeks at a time, in ‘farrowing’ crates. Repeatedly impregnated for around two years, until they have ‘reproductive failure’, they’re then killed in gas chambers.It’s standard practice in factory farms to cut piglets teeth and tails off, typically without pain relief. Male piglets will often be castrated at the same time. All this happens in front of their mothers, who are powerless to help them.Hens trapped in cages to produce eggs don’t have enough room to spread their wings. The lack of exercise, and excessive egg-laying, weakens their bones and many hens suffer from fractures and osteoporosis.Chickens raised for meat have been selectively bred to grow at many times their natural rate. This can cause painful and debilitating lameness, as well as lethal heart and respiratory problems.

But before you shut down your accounts and start stockpiling money under your bed instead — just wait a minute!

As concern about the treatment of animals grows, forward-thinking financial institutions are adopting responsible and ethical investment and lending policies — such as Bank Australia — which recently announced it would not do business with live exporters or factory farmers.

Bank Australia has set a game-changing precedent that paves the way (in a big way!) to a kinder future for animals.

TAKE ACTION: Feedback from customers like you can hasten this positive change by encouraging others to follow! Please take one minute now to politely ask your bank if they support live export or factory farming »





Disclosure statement: If you're a member of one of these major banks your message will go through directly to their decision-makers. If you bank with another institution, your signature will strengthen these petition numbers and help show strong community support for ethical banking that doesn't support animal abuse. Thank you!

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