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His horn is being cut off without any pain relief

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Shocking footage has revealed the routine, painful mutilations that animals are enduring on Australian cattle stations.

What happens to animals on the vast outback cattle stations in Australia has never before been exposed. Until now...

Israeli-based investigation agency, Sentient, set out to discover how Australian cattle were being treated prior to being exported live to Israel. Their disturbing findings — captured across four outback stations — has aired on prime-time television in Israel and sparked renewed calls to shut down the live trade to the country.

Investigators witnessed cattle being dehorned and castrated without pain relief; sick, injured and young animals being left to die or being euthanised incorrectly; animals being kicked and punched; and costs and convenience routinely put ahead of the welfare of animals.

The only thing more shocking than the systemic abuse exposed through this investigation, is that much of it is entirely legal.

Dehorning is one of the most traumatic experiences cattle are forced to endure. Yet, there are no laws in Australia requiring them to receive pain relief. The practice is excruciating — and is just one of the many painful mutilations Australian cattle are routinely subjected to.

The investigation also revealed that workers and backpackers on these stations felt they had no choice but to accept inflicting suffering on animals; especially when some of these cruel practices were legal or accepted by the industry.

"The importance of this investigation is that it reveals an overarching culture of cruelty and acceptance of suffering in the northern Australian cattle industry." — Investigator, Sentient

The painful dehorning of cattle is routine and legal in AustraliaMany sick and injured cattle die unaided and without veterinary interventionEmployees confirmed that leaving animals to die was an accepted part of the cattle business The absence of regulatory oversight on isolated properties leaves animals exposed to abuse and suffering Calves of cows who have died are considered valueless and were left to die slowly from starvation
The painful dehorning of cattle is routine and legal in Australia

If you conducted surgery on a dog or cat without any pain relief, you could be prosecuted for cruelty.

But because cattle on outback stations are being raised for food, Australian laws allow them to be branded with hot irons, to have their horns painfully cut out, and to be castrated — all while fully sensible to the pain. This is despite the fact that all animals share the capacity to suffer.

TAKE ACTION: Demand the Australian cattle industry immediately commit to pain relief for all surgical procedures on farmed animals and implement proper, independent oversight of outback cattle stations.

*Information, footage and images courtesy of Sentient

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