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Fins belong on sharks, not in soups

Help ban the sale of shark fins in Australia

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To fuel the global demand for shark fin soup, sharks are often dismembered alive and tossed overboard to drown.

Millions of sharks around the world suffer a prolonged and painful death for a mere bowl of soup — shark fin soup. With the fins being the only 'valuable' parts of their bodies, fishermen are often known to cut off sharks' fins while the animals are still alive and then dump their bodies overboard. Unable to swim, mortally injured sharks sink to the ocean floor where they slowly drown or are eaten alive.

Shark fin soup is a popular traditional Asian dish that is now widely available in Australian restaurants. But the cruelty, combined with the fact that the fins have no flavour and virtually no nutritional value, has even convinced world famous chef Gordon Ramsay to campaign against the dish being served in restaurants.

Finning at sea is illegal in Australia — where laws require fisherman to bring the whole shark to shore. But these laws are hard to police and in many parts of the world sharks have no protection at all.

The most effective way to protect sharks from cruelty and extinction is to stop the demand for shark fins with a sales ban. Please call on your MP to help introduce a ban on the sale of shark fins in Australia.

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