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Beating an animal with a whip is a clear cut case of animal cruelty — unless you are a jockey, and the animal is a horse. TAKE ACTION.

There's no doubt about it: whips hurt! As leading Aussie sports writer Patrick Smith says:

"Whipping is cruel. It is, by any definition, barbaric."

Racehorses are literally running for their lives. Thousands are killed every year just because they don't run fast enough — but even for horses who escape the slaughterhouse, life's no picnic...

In the final moments of a race, exhausted horses are beaten to try to make them run beyond their physical limit — putting them at even greater risk of broken bones, torn muscles, bleeding in the lungs and lameness. A study by the University of Sydney shows that whipping horses does not improve their chances of winning races. So what's the point?

TAKE ACTION: Tell Racing Australia and your state racing body to spare all horses from whip cruelty.

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