She needs her space.  
Average wingspan: 75cm
She needs her space.
Just like you do.
Space afforded by cage egg farmers: 26cm
Average wingspan: 75cm
But egg industry bosses think space is a luxury hens don’t deserve.
Space afforded by cage egg farmers: 26cm
Average wingspan: 75cm
They ignored science, and squeezed millions of animals into tiny spaces like this.
Space afforded by cage egg farmers: 26cm
Average wingspan: 75cm
That’s not even enough room to spread her wings!
Space afforded by cage egg farmers: 26cm
So, for most egg-laying hens, life’s a bit like living in a straightjacket.
Cage egg farmers not only denied her space. They denied her all the things that make her happy. Like stretching, walking, exploring...
...and sunlight.
‘Life’ in a tiny cage isn’t just cruel and unnatural. It’s unhealthy, too.
80% of caged hens suffer from osteoporosis due to calcium depletion and lack of movement. SOURCE: “Welfare Implications of Avian Osteoporosis” (2004), A. B. Webster
Weak and unable to exercise, 4 in every 5 caged hens suffer a crippling disease.
SOURCE: New Scientist - ‘Secret sleep of birds revealed in brain scans’
Her only escape from this caged cruelty is in her sleep. And just like you, she dreams...
She dreams of a kinder world — of a life worth living.

Will you free her?

Generations of gentle hens have been locked in cruel & unnatural battery cages. People power will get them out!

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Australia’s cruellest farming device — the battery cage — has been under review.

This could be a breakthrough for animals. Or, it could lock in more cruelty, for decades.

Egg industry bosses have had their say: they want to keep hens in cages.

Now, it’s up to us to get help get hens out of cages.
Count me in!

Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur / Animal Equality
FACT: This year alone, 7 million more chicks will be born to suffer a lifetime of cruelty in a battery cage.
FACT: hens suffer in cages.
FACT: hens are doting mothers, and have a strong desire to protect their loved ones.
FACT: these little animals have BIG personalities. Some are shy. Some are social. Some are cheeky.

Give hens some space

159,057 kind people made submissions calling for an end to battery cage cruelty. The consultation is now closed, but you can add your name in solidarity!

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TO: the Poultry Code Review Panel,

I was really pleased to read that welfare standards are up for review and that the public has a say in this process.

Every minute of every day, chickens in cage egg systems suffer. These animals endure crippling confinement, cannibalism, an inability to stretch their wings and painful broken bones. As you can imagine, sick chickens can go uncared for, and can die.

I understand those who can revise current laws are required to consider what the scientists are telling us when in the process of drafting this code. If this had been done, the phase-out of cages would be inevitable. The public consultation draft states that hens ought to be able to express natural patterns of behaviour like stretching their wings and limbs, lying down and standing, but the new standards don't satisfy this requisite. Caged hens cannot practise normal behaviours necessary for well-being like rudimentary movement. The draft code's assertion that egg laying hens confined in cages have an acceptable quality of life is not based on scientific research. Caged poultry housing systems don't meet the behavioural needs of layer-hens, and should not be condoned.

It's my view that cages that confine hens should be made illegal.

And to Australians, confining hens to a cage is wrong, no matter whether they are battery cages or colony cages.

News that cage egg stakeholders have attended cloak-and-dagger meetings with Government staff throughout this code review is disturbing. To be honest, this has seriously eroded my faith in politicians.

Sincerely, (Your Name)
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