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Hundreds of ducks have been shot in their wetland homes, then buried in shallow graves. This isn't 'sport' — it's slaughter.

As revealed in a damning exposé on ABC's 7.30, volunteers from the Coalition Against Duck Shooting have made a grim discovery: death pits at the Koorangie wetlands.

These are the very same wetlands where more than 100 rare Freckled Ducks and other 'protected' species were killed in the first few days of the shooting season.

These mass graves of wasted lives are further evidence that the Victorian duck shooting season is about nothing more than killing — for 'fun'.

Following the mass slaughter and maiming of protected ducks on 'opening weekend' of the shooting season, and now this discovery of whole, buried birds, the Game Management Authority (GMA) have been prompted to review duck hunting licence arrangements.

GMA are reportedly considering increased scrutiny of shooter abilities. At the very least, the authorities must require shooters to prove:

  • Their shooting accuracy through stringent testing; and
  • That they can genuinely identify bird species in a realistic setting.

If the Victorian government decides to allow the 2017 shooting season to continue, these tests must be made mandatory for all shooters.

Send a polite message to your State MP, urging them to immediately demand the Victorian government enforces tougher regulations on shooters — and encouraging them to take steps to ban this senseless violence for good.

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