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Forget the Wild West — to be confronted by lawless gun shooting violence, you need go no further than Victoria's wetlands...

URGENT ACTION: Encourage your State MP to stand up to the shooting lobby — and say NO to gun violence.

Our wetlands should be peaceful havens that all Victorians — and tourists — can enjoy. But each year, duck shooters descend on these idyllic regional communities to maim and kill thousands of waterbirds.

Now, a damning report has found that this violence is happening without any effective oversight — and hunting laws are being broken.

After the disaster of Victoria's opening weekend last year — which saw hundreds of rare and protected waterbirds illegally shot — the Andrews government ordered an independent report into hunting regulator, the Game Management Authority (GMA).

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The 2018 Victorian duck shooting season is set to commence on March 17th. Despite the fact that NONE of the major concerns raised in this report have been addressed.

All Australians living in regional areas deserve to feel safe in their communities.

Duck shooting not only brings gunfire to their doorstep, but destroys precious native wetlands and kills countless birds in horrifying ways.

The Andrews Labor government has made a strong commitment to uphold law and order. Yet for three months of the year, lawlessness pervades Victoria's wetlands. There is still time for the government to suspend the 2018 duck shooting season.

Send your State MP a friendly message today: Simply let them know they've got your full support when it comes to ending recreational gun violence in Victoria.

EMAIL NOW, and ask that they protect our native wildlife and regional communities from fear and unlawful shooting.

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