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Shattered bills, broken wings, gunshot pellets lodged in vital organs. Welcome to the Australian duck shooting season...

For up to twelve weeks a year Australia's picturesque wetlands — usually peaceful havens and home for our unique wildlife — are transformed into killing fields...

Native ducks and even endangered and 'protected' birds are gunned down by shooters, their fragile bodies peppered with pellets. Many are maimed and left for dead, with broken limbs and punctured internal organs.

The 'lucky' ones are killed instantly. The unlucky ones — an estimated one out of every four birds shot — will suffer for days or even weeks before finally succumbing to their injuries.

Perhaps most awful of all? This cruelty is inflicted upon defenceless animals in the name of a 'sport' that the majority of caring Australians oppose.

Violence is not a 'recreational' activity.

Environmental conditions in 2019 and 2020 were catastrophic, and rare waterbirds headed south in search of drought refuge. Tragically, this put them right in the line of fire of Victorian shooters.

The Victorian Government still approved a brutal 2021 shooting season, even though waterbird populations were even lower than last year. In fact, 5 out of 8 'game' species were found to be in significant long term decline. And, even more shockingly, the independent long-term scientifically validated survey indicating waterbird populations are plummeting is being ignored by the Victorian Government. These animals need you to speak out for them!

Duck shooting has already been banned in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia on animal cruelty grounds. Even in Victoria and South Australia, shooting seasons have previously been cancelled when waterbird populations were low. Now you can help inspire compassion for our precious native waterbirds by demanding an end to duck shooting across the rest of Australia.

Please join us in calling on the Premier of Victoria to protect unique wildlife by banning duck shooting »

This young mountain duck was wounded and left for dead in the mud.This duck was shot and left to die on the wetlands during the 2021 shooting season. Shotgun pellets shattered her fragile bones and were lodged in her organs. She was rescued by caring volunteers and humanely euthanised by a vet.                                Photo: Wildlife VictoriaThis protected blue-winged shoveler was illegally killed then abandoned by shooters.Red-Necked Avocets are a protected species — but this bird was found riddled with shutgun pellets.These ducks were torn apart by shotgun pellets, then left by shooters to rot on the wetlands.Shooters use decoys to lure ducks down into the wetlands — before shooting them.This protected black swan was found on the wetlands, shot and left to die.Cormorants are a protected species, and it is illegal to shoot them. Nevertheless, they are counted among the victims each year.

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