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Australian animals have had their eyes stabbed, tendons slashed, and even ‘cooked alive’ inside live export ships. All for one reason…

Every year, hundreds of thousands of live animals are sent on gruelling journeys that can last for many weeks.

These animals are transported halfway around the world like cargo, and forced to endure unimaginable suffering, all for one reason... so they can be killed for their 'meat'.

The live export industry is a global trade in animal suffering.

The journey itself is a death sentence for many. As, every year, thousands of animals suffer and die from injury, illness, starvation, and heat stress on-board ships that can turn into 'floating ovens'.

Those who survive the journey often endure brutal treatment and are fully-conscious as their throats are cut open — with most suffering a drawn out and excruciating death.

It's for the millions of animals who have fallen victim to this callous industry — and the countless more who are at risk of sharing their terrible fate — that we will never give up.

Our vision is a kinder world, free from the horror and cruelty of live export.

With your help, we can make this vision a reality — and end this trade in animal cruelty.

Countless caring people the world over support a ban on live export. But for as long as governments allow this trade to continue — animals will continue to suffer.

TAKE ACTION: Send an instant message to your Federal MP and Senators, urging them to act with compassion and spare animals from the cruelty of live export.

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