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Urge Europe: Refuse to import kangaroo suffering

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Mothers shot & joeys left to suffer and die — all for a brutal meat trade that could make people sick…

KANGAROO A Love Hate Story © Hopping Pictures 2018

Kangaroos are a beloved Australian icon — but not only are they under fire from a callous slaughter industry, potentially contaminated kangaroo meat is posing a risk to human health too.

In a massive commercial wildlife slaughter that often takes place unmonitored in remote locations, kangaroos are shot and baby joeys’ heads can be crushed or bludgeoned. Along with some adult kangaroos escaping injured, many joeys are left to starve or be picked off by predators.

Carcasses are often transported huge distances in high temperatures and butchered in unhygienic conditions, risking contamination from E.coli and toxoplasmosis.

Russia, a former major buyer, has already banned kangaroo meat imports on human health grounds.

And, as highlighted in the acclaimed documentary film ‘Kangaroo’, scientists warn that estimates of kangaroo numbers in Australia are way off-target, with faulty counting methods hugely inflating the estimated national population of kangaroos. If kangaroos continue to be shot, injured and killed at the current rate allowed by the Australian government, with the added risk of persistent drought and climate change, we may face a future where this iconic native animal is nothing but a memory.

Urgent opportunity: EU-Australia free trade agreement negotiations

With Europe accounting for close to 50% of the international trade in kangaroo slaughter products, it’s critical that decision-makers in the European Commission are supported in a positive decision.

Please add your voice to calls for the to European Commission decision-makers, to implement a ban on Europe importing kangaroo meat and skins.

Dozens of esteemed scientists and animal protection groups have called for this brutal slaughter to stop. See more details and relevant references at KangarooMatters.org

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