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Their tongues are tied for gambling profits

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Urge the Australian horse racing industry to ban tongue-ties

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One in five Australian racehorses are forced to race with their tongue strapped to their jaw. Act now to end this cruel practice.

Whipped. Pushed to their limits. Discarded. We all know that Australian horses can suffer enormously at the hands of the racing industry.

But there's another disturbing practice that many of these animals endure in the name of 'sport' – and most people don’t know about it…

"Tongue-ties" are tight straps that are forcefully wrapped around a horse’s tongue and tied down to the lower jaw. These straps can be made of strong elastic bands, pieces of leather, or even pairs of stockings.

There are no regulations regarding how tight tongue-ties can be, or for how long they can be left in the horse's mouth.

The racing industry claims that tongue-ties make it easier for a jockey to control the horse and can improve speed and performance. However, serious animal welfare concerns have resulted in tongue-ties being banned in most non-racing equestrian sports in Australia. Germany recently banned them altogether.

Click to find out more about how tongue-ties cause horses pain and stress. »

Despite these concerns, one-fifth of the horses racing in Australia are still forced to do so with their tongues painfully bound by these cruel straps.

TAKE ACTION: The Australian racing industry is already aware of the growing public scrutiny of the treatment of animals, particularly when they're exploited for gambling purposes. Tell them how you feel about this cruel practice, and urge them to ban tongue-ties immediately.

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