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Every animal who boards a live export ship is a breathing, feeling individual.

The world came to know him as 'the weeping bull'. From a farm in Western Australia — he was exported live to Mauritius where, bound with painful ropes, he took his last breath.Sensitive content: The following slides contain images which some viewers may find distressing.The live export journey itself is a nightmare, as conditions onboard live export ships are truly appalling. Millions of animals suffocate, starve, drown in a swamp of liquid waste or even 'cook alive' on these death ships.Our investigators often witness rough and painful handling, with sheep being dragged through the streets and crammed into sweltering car boots to be taken away for 'home slaughter'.Brutal — and fully-conscious — slaughter in the streets is common, exposing animals to prolonged and extreme suffering.The live export industry willingly sells animals off to face fully-conscious slaughter — often in direct view of their companions. This is an industry truly built on animal cruelty.

Sheep and cattle can be outgoing, shy, playful or inquisitive. They are every bit as deserving of our protection as dogs and cats. Yet in the live export trade their welfare is put a sorry second to greed.

Every year millions of sheep and cattle leave Australian shores destined for slaughter in countries where there are no laws to protect them from cruelty. Tens of thousands will die on stressful journeys across the high seas — and for those who survive, their ordeal is just beginning. Animals Australia's investigations over more than a decade have revealed animals in importing countries being handled, transported and slaughtered in the most appalling ways. Most will have their throats cut while fully conscious — experiencing a painful and prolonged death.

While the Australian Government allows live exports to continue, animals will continue to suffer — at sea and on foreign shores.

Add your voice to the calls for an end to this cruel trade.

Call on your local Federal MP to push for a ban on live export now.

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