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Australia exports live animals to have their eyes stabbed, tendons slashed, and heads smashed with sledgehammers.

These are just some of the last terrifying moments suffered by animals sold into the Australian live export trade.

It’s not supposed to be this way.

Laws introduced in response to Animals Australia’s 2011 Indonesian live export investigation make this cruelty illegal. But recent investigations reveal that these laws are being broken. Even the Australian Agriculture Minister admits that the industry can’t control what’s happening to animals beyond our shores. The system is broken. And animals are paying the price.

Even when everything goes ‘right’, millions of animals end their lives in terror as their throats are slashed while they are fully conscious. Their suffering remains completely legal.

The journey itself is a death sentence for many. Every year thousands of animals die of illness, injury, starvation, and heat stress on board ships that can turn into ‘floating ovens’.

As you read this, thousands of animals are being readied for this journey of death.

Fortunately, most Australians support a ban on live export. But while the Australian government allows live exports to continue, animals continue to suffer. Please send an urgent message calling for an end to Australia’s cruellest trade.

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