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animals are suffering and being cooked alive on live export ships. Help shut down this illegalend the cruelty.

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For 60 years, cruelty to animals on live export ships has been kept secret.

There’s no ‘nice’ way to send animals halfway around the world to be killed for meat.

A live sheep isn’t ‘cargo’. He breathes. He thinks. He can sufferThis simple fact may be lost on wealthy live export companies. But it wasn’t lost on one concerned crew member who was horrified by the suffering he witnessed on live export voyages...

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For animals who have no concept of the open ocean, sea travel is terrifying.Animals are packed so tightly that it's unsafe to lie down to rest for fear of being trampled. Sheep on live export ships are confined like this for weeks on end.Open mouth panting is a sign of deadly heat stress in sheep -- a common sight on a live export ship.Over weeks, waste builds up on the ship, coating many of the animals on board in a blanket of thick, wet faeces.24 hour veterinary care for tens of thousands of distressed animals on a live export ship? Doesn't happen. Many animals simply die where they lay.At the end of a voyage, decomposing corpses 'missed' by crew during the trip are piled up to be dumped in the ocean.Newborn lambs are often among the casualties of a typical live export shipment to the Middle East.The live export industry treats our oceans as its dumping ground for waste and dead bodies.The world's fleet of live export ships dump billions of litres of untreated waste directly into the sea every year.
Humans aren't the only animals who get sea sick

This footage exposes an industry acting unlawfully. It reveals what millions of gentle animals have endured for decades, in secret.

And with it — a chance to end the cruelty.

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Sheep in excrement on live export shipSheep in excrement on live export ship

What animals endure on a typical live export ship in summer is  unconscionable.

This exhausted Aussie sheep can no longer stand. He can only wait to die, smothered in a blanket of urine and faeces.

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More than 100,000 litres of urine and faeces accumulates on a typical live export ship every day sheep are on board. The ship won’t be ‘washed out’ until after they’ve disembarked.

As the northern summer kicks in, on-board conditions can turn catastrophic.

When temperatures soar — and predictably they do —  weeks of untreated waste buildup ‘melts’ into a thick, deadly soup. Any animal needing to lie down to rest risks being buried in excrement.

Corrosive ammonia chokes the air and burns the eyes and throats of those on board. Distressed animals rapidly overheat. Their hearts race as they gasp for oxygen. Trapped in what is essentially a ‘giant oven’, extremely heat stressed animals collapse before  literally being cooked alive.literally being cooked alive. Other heat stressed sheep may die slowly over the following days. Those who survive a ‘heat event’ will continue to suffer in this putrid bog, now littered with the decaying bodies of their dead companions.

Baby lamb born on live animal export ship

He won’t make it off the ship.

The littlest victims of the live export industry aren’t loaded onto ships … they are born on board. Distressed crew are routinely ordered to slit their throats.

See the full video 1:13

Imagine being born on a live export ship. The noisy vibrations the only sound you’ll ever hear. The inescapable stench of faeces the only air you’ll ever breathe...

These babies aren’t supposed to be born at all. Live export companies are legally required to ensure all ewes are pregnancy tested by ultrasound and certified not pregnant. And yet, heavily pregnant ewes are being shipped for slaughter like every other animal. Only — they’ll endure the trauma of live export while going into labour and giving birth.

Very few lambs born on a live export ship will ever see the outside world. Many will be  trampled, lose their mothers, or be killed by distressed crew members who are routinely ordered to slit their throats.

All this suffering is in aid of one thing: making wealthy live export companies even wealthier. And as it turns out, ‘business as usual’ on one of these ships to the Middle East isn’t just cruel, in many ways it’s illegal.

live export sheep suffering live export

This new evidence renders the live sheep trade  effectively illegal.

The law is pretty clear. What animals are routinely forced to endure on live export ships is not only cruel — it’s illegal…

See the full video 1:13
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  Take action now
Take action now
Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

We don’t need legislators to outlaw the live sheep trade…

It’s already illegal.

Your voice can help get animals off these death ships — for good.
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Every animal ‘exported’ for slaughter is an individual. She breathes, feels, and yearns. She fears violence and pain every bit as intensely as we do. Help change her world.
Lambs love to play. But those born on live export ships will never know this joy. Theirs is a world of fear and suffering. Help us change that.
Sheep are naturally gentle and shy. As ‘prey’ animals, they rarely ‘fight back’ or cry out when they are frightened or abused. They urgently need your voice.

Save animals from cruelty
happy lambs

Will you join thousands of caring people to help end illegal animal abuse — before another death ship leaves our shores? Send a message to your MP now:

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TO: Sir/MadamSir/Madam,

Predictably, this live export footage is going viral around the world.  

I wish to ask you show this information to the local government.  

The abuse of animals on Australian ships has been kept secret for decades.  

On export ships, there is so much suffering which would not be approved of by religious leaders.  

It's safe to say that importers would have decided not to import live Australian sheep, if they had been fully informed about the shortcomings of the trade.  

Sincerely, (Your Name)
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