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Protect Australian lambs from painful mutilations

Call for an end to mulesing plus mandatory pain relief

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WOOL HURTS: It's legal and routine to cut body parts off Australian lambs with no pain relief. But you can help: TAKE ACTION now!

Every year in Australia, millions of lambs are subjected to invasive and painful procedures like mulesing, tail 'docking' and castration — all without pain relief.

Victoria is the only state to have introduced a legal requirement to provide any pain relief for lambs when mulesing (though not tail docking or castration).

During mulesing, which is usually done to avoid flystrike, a lamb is restrained and metal shears are used to cut away a large swathe of skin around their buttocks. ‘Tail docking’ usually occurs at the same time and cuts through the bone. Mulesing is already banned in New Zealand. Accepted animal welfare science — and common sense — makes it clear that the lamb would experience intense pain and distress during this process, and for several weeks afterwards as the large wound heals.

Cruel practices like this were established in another era. They only exist because of an outdated idea that some animals are friends, and others food (or wool, or both), with their ‘category’ determining their level of legal protection.

This is despite the fact that all animals share the capacity to suffer.

It's well past time for laws and industry practices to reflect science and community expectations about how animals are treated.

We wouldn't do it to a dog. Why a lamb?

You can help protect lambs from painful mutilations

Use this form to send an instant message to the industry peak body Wool Producers Australia (WPA) and your state's Agriculture Minister, asking them to end mulesing and require mandatory pain relief for all invasive procedures on lambs and sheep.

Most men would squirm at the thought of even being hit in their private parts. But if a male lamb is under 6 months of age, he can legally be castrated without pain relief.During 'surgical' castration, the bottom of the lamb's scrotum is cut.His testicles are then squeezed out.And cut off.Alternatively, a rubber ring may be applied around his scrotum to restrict blood flow and destroy the function of his testes.

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