Animals AustraliaChange his fate. Help expose live export sledgehammering on tv.

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Animals need an emergency broadcast.

It’s not the first time Animals Australia investigators have exposed the horrific practice of sledgehammering animals to death in the live export trade. After 12 months, terrified animals are still having their skulls smashed on a nightly basis. Nothing Barnaby Joyce (the Agriculture Minister) has done to date will stop this horror continuing. With just -361 days until the election, we need to disrupt the election campaign with an emergency broadcast for animals. Help support our campaign to end live export.

YES, I want to help end cruelty and strengthen Animals Australia's work to end live export with an urgent gift of:

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  • $50 could help bring live export cruelty to politicians' televisions
  • $75 could help expose corruption in the live export industry
  • $150 could help remind our law makers that this is wrong

This donation is a:

one-time gift monthly gift
$50 $75 $150 Other
$75 per month could help expose corruption in the live export industry

Our ads are booked! Every dollar donated will strengthen our campaigns and investigations for animals.

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