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Every year, Victoria's peaceful wetlands erupt into killing fields. 1 in 4 birds shot won’t die instantly — they may escape with shattered bills, fractured limbs, broken wings, pellets through their eyes and gunshot lodged in vital organs. Every year, ‘non target’ animals including swans and threatened species are also shot in this brutal slaughter. All in the name of ‘sport’.

Politicians who allow this suffering to continue can easily turn a blind eye while this carnage unfolds out of sight and out of mind. But not if it’s beamed into their living rooms.

Please make an urgent donation to get this hard-hitting ad on TV and give waterbirds the voice they deserve.

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  • $50 could help bring duck shooting cruelty to politicians' televisions
  • $75 could help expose illegal slaughter on the wetlands
  • $150 could help remind our law makers that this is wrong

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$50 $75 $150 Other
$75 could help expose illegal slaughter on the wetlands

Our ads are booked! Every dollar donated will strengthen our campaigns and investigations for animals.

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